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Customer experience happens when you create a positive emotion in customers. To create a positive emotion you have to exceed their expectations. This is easy to do on one off situations. Resolving an issue, remembering a name, or sometimes just listening to customers can exceed expectations in today’s market. Where this gets more complex is creating an experience that consistently meets customer expectations and looks for opportunity to exceed them at scale. Even the worst companies have their moments but they will never have a replicable customer experience because they don’t even meet customer expectations in other areas.

To truly be amazing, an organization has to have the processes and people in place to provide a base level of customer service to meet expectations and then have to be provided the tools to exceed expectations when the situation presents itself. This is done with process design. We help companies analyze the actual deficiencies of their service and then help to implement the right processes needed to improve painful experience areas and exceed expectations across the customer journey.

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